Plant music !

Today will be a little different than your typical bonsai blog post. Today I want to share with you some music!

Have you ever read about how music and sound can influence plant growth? There are many studies indicating that playing music can stimulate healthy and more vigorous growth in plants. One study determined genres of music played a role in the outcome, that angry loud music slowed growth and even hurt plants where as positive happy calming music boosted growth. I have always been interested in how sound vibrations can manipulate and change the world around us. The effects of music on plant life is a really interesting topic that I suggest doing some reading about and even experimenting with!

I have been working on a podcast series where during the discussion they talked about a very special album: Mort Garson’s, Mother Earth’s Plantasia, released in 1976. One of the speakers described the listening experience as “visiting a planet full of happy plants ”

Being both a plant & sound nerd, this is a memorable one. Mort was a pioneer with electronic music and the famous Moog Synthesizer.

He composed the album specifically “for plants and people who love them.” It’s a very calming yet energizing album and a popular gardening companion. It can be experienced actively or as a passive listening experience for working on your trees!

If you (or your plants) have not yet heard this gem I suggest you start playing the album right now !

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