Technique: Weeping Willow wire bite and weights

Willow is a super fun species. Originating from China, not the Middle East as the Latin name implies, Salix babylonica aka Weeping willow is a common sight in our North American landscape. There are several humongous old willow reaching out over the river side next to my home. It’s a nostalgic tree with a definitive […]

Technique: Tool maintenance & repair

We invest a lot in good quality bonsai tools. Well maintained, quality tools can last a lifetime. A little regular maintenance goes a long way. With a few skills and TLC we can prolong the life and maintain good, quality function from our tools. Disclaimer: when inexperienced, cutting tool maintenance can be dangerous and isn’t […]

Weeds weeds weeds! Some are good, some are bad!

Like insects, grasses, sprouted tree seeds, wildflowers, moss, lichens and other intruders will grow in our pots. It’s inevitable. Weeds are something we don’t talk about enough and totally wish I knew more about all the scandalous weeds to avoid! I will try to hash out some thoughts and guidelines as well as point out […]

Techniques: Defoliation

Bonsai Technique – Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate Maples are a must have species in any bonsai collection. A major part of our landscape and culture in Canada, they have beautifully shaped leaves , and can be enjoyed any time of the year with their lush green canopies, fall colours and winter silhouettes. A technique not exclusive […]